Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pancho and Lefty.

 Parade of Homes (:
 Freshmen Color Guard. We rocked.
 Comp time (:

 Sophomore Color Guard (:

 Preference 2010
 Sadies 2009
 When I liked to edit pictures...

 EFY 2009 (:
 Sleep over with Linds (:

 New Years (: (2009?)
 Haha my 16th birthday.. I have the best friends ever!

 Nicole's 16th (:
 Swimmingggg (:

 Bowling Club Partners!

 Best picture of my life.

 Riverrrr (:
 Wally World

 Ag Biology (:
 Store in mall?

 Pizza Factory (:

 Nicole's first time judging (:

 Great Race (:
 Football game (:
 DMV (:
 Mr. Dixie (:

 Lagoon/Haunted Forest (:

 Halloween (:

 Limo time (:

 Top of announcement box (:

 Spring Break (:
 Color Guard (:
 Stake Dances!
 Thriller (:

 Elections Sophomore year (:

 Free Frazil Friday!
 First time I could drive legally with friends (:
 Last day of Sophomore year ):

 Inta Juice=bomb.

 Kite Festival... We sucked...

 Camping with Richesons (:
 Best picture of my life!
 Halloween (:
 Sadies 2010.

 Sadies 2010.
 New Years 2010-2011 (:

I love my best friend! We've been through thick and thin and she's always been there for me. She literally is like my sister and will always be my best friend. Pancho/Lefty. Kitty/Nicky. Nicole and Caity. Enough Said.

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