Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love my momma.

My mom is the biggest example and role model in my life. I really do hope that when I'm older I can be half the woman and mom she is. She sacrifices so much for me and my family that I don't know where I would be without her. She is my rock and who I go to whenever I need anything. I honestly could not ask for a better mother and I love her soo much. I am so thankful for everything she does for me, my siblings, my dad, and even my friends. Thank you mom for sacrificing your time, money, love, hard work, and more to make our family a better happier family. I love you. (:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goodness Gracious.

Today while I was driving home from my grandparent's house I was thinking that lately I haven't been seeing the good in people. Lately I've been stressed with school and friends and I was thinking that if whenever I saw someone if I could just think of something nice about them I would and will be a happier person. So...

See the good in people and it will all be okay.

Well we'll see how this goes. (:

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Careers. Ugh could we please not.

I have no idea what I want to be when I get older! We went up to BYU and toured and I thought that I knew what I wanted to be or at least had a general idea of what I wanted to do with my life after high school but there are so many more choices than I had thought of before! They told us that on average every student changes their major at least 3 times while going to college but that stresses me out even more! So here is a list, for your knowledge and mine, of possible future career choices:

  1. Sports Therapist
  2. Physical Therapist
  3. Humanitarian
  4. Meteorologist
  5. Storm Chaser! Yes I really want to be a storm chaser, like the ones on the movie Twister!
  6. International Relations.
  7. Politics? That one could possibly be really bad because I'm not a good liar and I can't talk in front of large crowds or get angry at people.
  8. Veterinarian
  9. Pharmacist
  10. Radiologist
And there are more but I can't think of them. I don't know what to do!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

47. So not upset.

1. I am in love with green pastures. And green valleys. And anything that's green.
2. I keep a book of all my certificates and accomplishments.
3. I wish I was a better journal keeper.
4. Sometimes, all the time, I ask the dumbest, randomest questions. And they are ALWAYS in Animal Science. Well ok, not always...
5. I think I want to be a meterologist when I get older.
6. I will own a horse ranch when I get older.
7. My mom takes pictures at the weirdest angles.
8. I want to camp out in the back of my truck sometime.
9. I'm so stressed out about planning Senior Sunrise. But it's gonna be legit.
10. I'm addicted. To skype.
11. Lately, my life consists of math homework. And spanish. And english. And health.
12. I say inappropriate things at inappropriate times. Like today at lunch. I really thought he was gay though.
13. When I was little and my brother flexed him arms I thought he was going to die because his veins popped out.
14. Screw gas prices.
15. I make up excuses to go over and see my brother because I know all his friends are over there.
16. I got my first fishing pole from Kendrek Staheli. It's pink.
17. Nicole Winona was my 2nd skype contact. And she's my best friend.
18. My mom was my first skype contact.
19. When we're reading out loud in class and my turn is next I read ahead so I don't mess up any words.
20. I think all of the facebook groups are hiliarous.
21. Bruce Almighty taught me how to spell Beautiful.
22. I really think me and my friends are some of the funniest people who were ever born.
23. I've been on 2 road trips with Zak and Brandon. They rocked my socks off.
24. I got a ticket before I got my license.
25. My dad told me today that he always wanted me to stay his little girl. I always will be his little girl.
26. I had a little glimmer of hope that Santa was real until 2 years ago.
27. I don't think I will ever attend BYU. It's so cold and I slipped 6 times while I was up there, it wasn't even icy.
28. I like people too easily. Screw love. And like.
29. I've cried 3 times in my English class this year from laughing so hard. I love that class so hardcore.
30. I love storms.
31. Our family went all the way to Canada for a rodeo. It ROCKED!
32. I have too much confidence when driving and nearly get in a wreck at least once a day.
33. I should be doing my homework right now.
34. I polished all of the stupid saddles in the tack room one time. I'm proud of the work.
35. I have a belt buckle my dad won and one my brother won.
36. I told my brother I was CPR certified and he asked me if I wanted to practice on his friend KC who I've had a crush on since I was 10. KC was right next to him and my face went bright red.
37. My favorite color of nail polish is red.
38. I don't know how I get the grades I do with how much school I miss.
39. At our family reunion we were having a canoe race and I tipped my canoe over 7 times. It rocked. Not.
40. Going to professional baseball games could possibly be my new favorite hobby.
41. One time I tried to drive home with my eyes closed to see if I could do it.
42. I love to read.
43. I can't wait to get married. Weird? Yeah, probably.
44. Just Dance is my favorite game ever.
45. I love the night time. I'm a major night owl.
46. One time I was driving down the road and something hit my windshield and I threw my hands up covered my face and ducked down. My mom got so mad and I wasn't allowed to drive for another week.
47. It scares me that I'm going to be a senior next month and going to be graduating next year.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Smile. Because you ARE loved.

My Heavenly Father loves me and that's all that matters. Your Heavenly Father loves you too and that's all that matters. When the world feels pressured and you feel like your not good enough that's when you need him the most. I am so thankful that when things go wrong in my life I have my Heavenly Father and my family.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forever Love, Escalante.

 First event of the day. Horse ride at 8 in the morning.

 We were exhausted! Haha!

 I love our gang.

 I also love it when me and Michelle are the only ones who do funny faces.
 I love Tori Camille Lindsay!

 I've decided wyatt is my adopted big brother. I love him.

Can I just tell you how much I miss the Lindsays? Me, Zak, and Brandon went out to Escalante to visit them and it was so good to get to hang out and be with them again! We got there at like 11 at night and seriously didn't go to bed till like 3 in the morning. Oh did I mention we almost hit a deer and several other items on our drive there? it was awesome. not. We started the day off with a horse ride and then we went offroading in the Thunder Chicken. Probs the best part was the clay mountains and the Dr. Pepper that was involved. That night we played fugitive and fetch those sand mountains are high! Me, Wyatt, and Jesse (favoritest 15 year old ever) had a bombin time spotlighting and it was seriously the highlight of the trip. I love the Lindsays so much and am so glad I got to go and visit them for a weekend!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pancho and Lefty.

 Parade of Homes (:
 Freshmen Color Guard. We rocked.
 Comp time (:

 Sophomore Color Guard (:

 Preference 2010
 Sadies 2009
 When I liked to edit pictures...

 EFY 2009 (:
 Sleep over with Linds (:

 New Years (: (2009?)
 Haha my 16th birthday.. I have the best friends ever!

 Nicole's 16th (:
 Swimmingggg (:

 Bowling Club Partners!

 Best picture of my life.

 Riverrrr (:
 Wally World

 Ag Biology (:
 Store in mall?

 Pizza Factory (:

 Nicole's first time judging (:

 Great Race (:
 Football game (:
 DMV (:
 Mr. Dixie (:

 Lagoon/Haunted Forest (:

 Halloween (:

 Limo time (:

 Top of announcement box (:

 Spring Break (:
 Color Guard (:
 Stake Dances!
 Thriller (:

 Elections Sophomore year (:

 Free Frazil Friday!
 First time I could drive legally with friends (:
 Last day of Sophomore year ):

 Inta Juice=bomb.

 Kite Festival... We sucked...

 Camping with Richesons (:
 Best picture of my life!
 Halloween (:
 Sadies 2010.

 Sadies 2010.
 New Years 2010-2011 (:

I love my best friend! We've been through thick and thin and she's always been there for me. She literally is like my sister and will always be my best friend. Pancho/Lefty. Kitty/Nicky. Nicole and Caity. Enough Said.